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Date:2008-11-09 15:42
Subject:loosen up my buttons...

Let's take this time to welcome a few new members to our community, and make them feel at home. Welcome Ken, Steph, Delirious, and Randy!

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Date:2008-10-16 04:11
Subject:Grand opening!
Mood: busy

WELCOME to Love Bizarre! Officially open to the public! (a little late because the mod got busy and insanejournal got stoned!)

Questions can be directed to [info]lovebizarremod @ LoveBizarreMod on AIM and on MSN or email.

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Date:2008-09-23 11:33
Subject:Taken characters/on hold
Mood: accomplished


Please find below the list of taken characters in the game, and their AIM screen names.

Alberto Del Rio/Jose Alberto Rodriguez
[info]delroyal; AIM: n/a

Alexis Kaufman/Alexa Bliss
[info]littlemissbliss; AIM: littl3missbliss

Barbara Blank/Kelly Kelly
[info]knalb; AIM: strawbarbie.shortcake

Brianna & Stephanie Nicole Garcia/The Bella Twins
[info]doubletrouble; AIM: bellathingone & bellathingtwo

Colby Lopez/Seth Rollins
[info]rollinslopez; AIM: king.colbra

Joe Anoa'i/Roman Reigns
[info]samoanthor; AIM: samoanthorreigns

Jonathan Good/Dean Ambrose
[info]jonnydgood; AIM: jonnydgood

Kevin Steen/Kevin Owens
[info]killsteenkill; AIM: fightowensfight

Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado/Sasha Banks
[info]mvar; AIM: The.Legit.Boss

Mickie James
[info]mickis_jaree; AIM: MickisJaree

Nick Nemeth/Dolph Ziggler
[info]hashtagheel; AIM: hashtagheel

Paul Lloyd Jr/Justin Gabriel/PJ Black
[info]justin_time; AIM: Justintrigue

Renee Paquette/Renee Young
[info]rpyoung; AIM: genericusername12

Saraya Jade Bevis/Paige
[info]rampaiged; AIM: paigejaderaya

On hold/temporary unavailable:
Charly Caruso (4/1)
Rusev (4/1)

Caution: (Comes with backstory)
Beth Kocianski/Beth Phoenix
Kenny Dykstra/Kenn Doane

LoveBizarre Hall Of Famers (Forever Retired):
Adam Birch/Joey Mercury/Joey Matthews
Chris Irvine/Chris Jericho
Jay Reso/Christian
Jake Hager/Jack Swagger
Leticia Cline
Maryse Ouellet
Melina Perez
Ted Dibiase

Date:2008-09-19 19:46
Subject:~*~ Love Bizarre ~*~ Rules and Application ~*~


October 15th 2008 - March 31st 2017

This is an RPG community. This journal is part of a non-profit role-playing community and is not intended to be taken literally as the character portrayed. We are in no way associated with the owners of the intellectual property the character belongs to. No copyright infringement is intended, nor do we pretend to own any part of said property, trademarks or characters. This journal may be subject to permanent suspension without notice at the request of the real person, trademark holder, copyright owner or agent thereof.


User Info


Every member must have the above statement in both their user info and an unlocked post in their journal. This goes without saying these days, as we all know wrestlers have started to take a real liking to this thing we call the interwebz, and there is a chance of these journals being found. If they are and we're asked to close them, we have to. But if you have the courtesy of stating as many times in plain view that you are not *said wrestling identity*, it's a sign of respect.

Also, every user info must have a link to [info]lovebizarre and it's userinfo page or journal page. You belong to the community, be proud to show it!

If you have to have a bio in your critters user info, be creative and write it yourself. If you have to have a video, credit where you get it from with a link. Some hard work goes into these things, the least we can do is give some credit. It's the same for icons that are allowed to be yanked but ask for credit. Even if they don't, it's a nice gesture.

Journal Entries
What Counts As An Update?

Updates that are just youtube videos or lyrics, or something of the like? Don't count unless there's something more to them. Feel free to post a video or lyrics through your post, but what we're looking for is your creativity.

The update word limit is set at a minimum of 200 words. Please note, this does NOT mean you can't update with less than the 'word limit', it means you will be required one update a month that meets or exceeds 200 words. We welcome as many updates as you would like, if they're more than 140 characters then feel free to place them in your own journal, however, like youtube only videos, they will not 'count' to keep you off the death list.

There has been a couple of hijacked updates recently in our little community. While we love that some members are smart enough to be journal hackers, when it comes down to it we want to hear an update from you. We want your thoughts and creativity.

For that reason, an entry typed by anyone but the character themselves will stand as a seven day extension only.

This also includes duplicate updates across communities. You are obviously allowed to write in as many communities as you wish, but in ours, we don't want to find out the exact same entry has been copied and pasted elsewhere. We're after your creativity for the character involved in our community. If you are caught doing this, you will be put on an automatic strike.

Locked posts are a great way of communicating over time zones and different schedules, but don't count as a monthly update, and posts that are backdated and hidden? Count, but are frowned upon. We want communication through comments as well! It's a bit hard to do that if your posts are hidden away on your private page.

We're doing something a little different with updates though. It's not every month you can find something to update about that doesn't become a little monotonous. So, we're presenting the fiction option. The fiction option basically means you can write a story about something that relates to said critter that month. This can be done as either as a one shot story not involving anyone else, or it can be done in locked post format where you can encourage someone else to come in and play off you. Please don't use characters without permission from their writers first. This is a serious offense, as when you start to force a story down someone else's critters throats? It's never going to end well.

Death Lists
No matter what time limit you put the death list posting on, there's always a flooding just before it's posted. So here's the deal. Don't let your critter get beyond a month. If you fail to update 28 days after your last entry, you will be issued a warning to update in the next 72 hours or you will be removed. Each time you receive this warning counts as a strike.

If you reach your third strike in a six month rolling period, you will be removed immediately. Should you wish to rejoin after being removed for the three strike policy, you will be placed on a 6 month probation. You cannot hit the death list at all during this time or you will be automatically removed.

Should you wish to rejoin the game again after being removed for violating the probation, you will need to wait two weeks for the character hold to expire. Once the hold has expired, the character is open for anyone to reapply as. Please note, if you return under this condition, and if you reach three strikes again at any point over the next year, you will be removed permanently. It's once a month, it's not that difficult.

A critter will remain untouchable for 14 days after their journal death. The reason for this is that there could be a miscommunication, a misunderstanding, a personal life hiccup. We're people behind the scenes here too, and we try to make things as fair as possible, as well as sticking to the rules. Don't be found abusing our kindness. That won't be looked upon too fondly at all.

Continuation of a Story Line
If a character leaves the community and is involved in a line with someone still within the community, it is the choice of the writers with the characters still within the game as to whether a story continues. However, no interaction between the current, in community character, and the character which has left the community, is to be considered as relevant to LoveBizarre story lines.

It is the responsibility of the character still within the game to request to the mods, if they see fit, that the character who has departed the community is put onto the Caution: Comes with backstory list. Please do not abuse this list, and only use it when the character continuation is imperative to your characters story. If the person is not listed, and does not have a journal, that character is free to be used in any way by anyone who sees fit.

Example: Michelle McCool and Undertaker are dating in the game. Undertaker's journal is removed from the game either by the writer or by failing to update within our rules. Michelle's writer has four choices:

1 - She can ask Undertaker to come back to LoveBizarre in his original form.
2 - She can find another Undertaker to come in and fill this role to continue the story.
3 - She can write the story by herself, but ask the mods to put the Undertaker on the Caution list, and anyone who applies must be referred to her prior to auditioning.
4 - She can write Undertaker out of Michelle's story, and anyone within the game can use this outside character any way they see fit.

I touched on this briefly above, but in our games we love comments as well as AIM conversations. Leave a comment to someone your critter might not normally talk to and see what kind of reaction you get. Sometimes the unexpected ones bring about the closest friendships. AIM is the most common use of instant messaging, and although it's not required, it is encouraged for you to get your critter a screen name and keep your list updated.

Also, it's common courtesy to acknowledge the comments left in a journal entry. Unless there's a good storyline reason for a critter not to leave replies to comments, it is encouraged that they're at least recognized. This will be impossible to track as they could be replied to in an IM conversation. But it's a sad sight indeed to see comments constantly ignored by the same critter/writer. If you do this, and fail to sprinkle your own brand of communication around, you'll start to feel isolated from the group and fewer and fewer will even bother to read your journal entry. Give a little, take a little.

If the person who wrote the update isn't involved in the comments, please be respectful that while you might be having fun with the banter, they might not enjoy a full inbox of comments that have nothing to do with them nor their entry. We consider 140 posts free game, free for all, comment as many times as you would like, but the personal updates are where these rules will apply.

If the amount of comments starts to get out of hand, the owner of the journal reserves the right to hit the 'freeze' button on the thread so you cannot comment any further. Please don't continue to bitch about this until the cows come home. All we're asking for is a little respect (just a little bit).

Communication For Storylines
Social media has given us all an insight into the persona's and outside of the ring lives of the professionals we base our characters on. It has pulled back the curtain and given us a peek in, and let's face it, we love it. However, if you are using parts of a RL story outside of the game within Love Bizarre, or non playable characters that may affect more than one character within the game, please seek full consent with all writers involved before proceeding. This can be done either in character or out of character, however you choose to do so, and via AIM, locked posts, or private messaging.

If the question is asked of you, please answer. Even if the answer is no, please give feedback, but remember that this is fun, this is supposed to be fun, and we're in it to interact with other writers. It's a bit of give and take, so don't be selfish and pout when things don't go your way. Reach an agreement, but you must reply. Failure to comply with the above rules will result in a punishment fit for the crime, ie - repeat offenders will be dealt with more harshly than a single, minor infraction.

Please also remember that it is a breach of the rules to bring your Out Of Character grievances into the game as an In Character issue. It's one or the other, please keep them separate and away from the journals, and if you have an OOC issue that cannot be solved between you and the writer(s) you have it with, please let the mods know and we are happy to handle this issue in an OOC setting.

Community Wide Activities
Throughout the time, there will be activities to try to open communication floodgates. As much as we love to keep things in reality, it's not totally out of touch for one person from one organization to get in touch with one from another to compliment them on their work. Or in the case of drama, put it down. Not all characters are nice, friendly and happy.

That brings us to in game drama. We love it. Bring on the lying and cheating, bring on the double crossing, the friends and the enemies. This happens in every day life, and makes our little make believe world a tad more interesting. But be polite. If someone doesn't show interest in participating in your shenanigans, don't pressure them. There's nothing more annoying than being scared to sign onto AIM in fear that you might get hassled by a certain writer/character to be involved in something you don't want to be. If that happens, by all means, let one of your mods know.

There will be up to five people at once who will have access to do death list warnings or maintenance around the place, and keep everything up to date, but when the big issues come to hand, we ask you, the writers of our community, to help us out.

[info]lovebizarremod will be a username managed by the mod team of LoveBizarre. It's hard to nominate a critter to be a "mod", as if they build a grudge in our drama filled society, it may seem strange for them to come across as diplomatic. All members will be in constant communication with each other regarding issues, applications, and anything further we need to address.

The mods are just a PM away. There are four of us on this mod team spread across different time zones around the world. There is barely an hour of the day where there isn't one of us around. Bring issues up to us, so we can help. If you can't update, if you're concerned about being marked spam, if you have any problem at all, PM us. Nothing is wrong to PM about.

Knowing Your Subject
Critter Identities

When you decide to write a character, please do some research. Know the basics. We know as time goes on, you're going to find more and more little details out, and how you work them into the game is your business. But before deciding who you want to write, please know their history. Know that Mickie James was Alexis Laree. Know that Rey Mysterio has children. Know that The Undertaker doesn't really live in Death Valley or the Dudleys from Dudleyville. It's all very funny to joke, but please know the basics so you're not caught like a deer in the headlights.

Working/Reality (based)
Also, be aware of when your character would be on the road or on TV. It's fine to play with time, set something in the past or in the future. But just have it in the back of your head that a Raw character doesn't just work for two hours on a Monday night. They're on the road usually from Friday until Tuesday. We enjoy our work of fiction, but we're based on these characters who do work these shows, and like it to be as close to real as we can get.

This game is branched from VainxGlorious on livejournal, which was branched from the original Better Than Gerwertz. There were some 4 year storylines that are brought into this game when it started in 2008, and if you pick up a character that was involved in that history, please be aware that you may be required to work their story into your critter. You will be notified on application whether this character has a small amount of history. The big ones will be listed on the taken/wanted list. Please don't ignore the advice you're given on your critter just because you don't like it. It's taken us a long time to tell these stories, a bit of respect is required.

Keeping Secrets

If your character is getting heavily involved in a secret storyline with someone elses and the idea is that it IS secret, please keep in that way. Some people spend months and months coming up with a good story to be a part of writing, you don't want to be the one who ruins that for them. Of course, these stories with different characters can mean things can go wrong, but please don't go out of your way to deliberately sabotage them.

The character limit for this game is set at six. Six is plenty for one person to keep up with. It's hard work to keep them all different with their own individual personalities, and we believe six is the right number to keep someone busy. Please, please, please don't pick up six just because you can. Think about your characters before you pick up another one. Make sure they're not all updating back to back to back, and not all leaving their comments un-replied-to. We want plenty of characters, but more importantly, we want the characters that are there to be active and count. We want every character to mean something and not just be making up the numbers.

If you know who writes what characters, please don't tell anyone else. Part of the fun of role playing used to be that you DIDN'T know who was behind these characters. All good writers have a familiar style, but if they don't want to be found out, don't ruin the fun for them or anyone else. This is a serious offense. Just don't do it.

Like what you read so far? Found an available character that appeals to you? Awesome. Stay with us, you're nearly there. Firstly, set up your journal, your disclaimers, and friend [info]lovebizarremod and [info]lovebizarre so we can all browse through. Following that, there is an audition in which you must be approved through for acceptance into the community. While this might seem daunting, we're really a nice group dying to bring some great new people to our game.

Celebrity with wrestling connections: If we receive an application by a celebrity that has legitimate connections to wrestling, the case will be taken to the current members of the community to decide. The discussion and final decision with be at the discretion of the community, and if there is argument to state why this character should not be allowed in to our wrestling based game, the application will be denied prior to audition.

There is one way you can audition to join LoveBizarre, which upon application, will be set up under [info]lovebizarremod via a locked post. Remember, there are several of us, so you don't know which one you will get or which character they will choose to play off yours. It might not even by someone they write within the game. But we will all be able to read these locked posts and all be able to give our opinion as to whether you're a good fit for the community. We want to know that you can form sentences and have a grasp for the character you are writing, as well as being able to meet deadlines. It's no different to a job interview! .. only, if you get this job, you won't be paid or vacation time or anything..

Once you're accepted in, introduce yourself within 14 days off acceptance to our friendly community in [info]lovebizarre! See who takes offense to you showing up and who's happy to see you here (or appears that way). After your introduction post, you have 14 days to post a follow up. There will be no warning for this post, if you can't get your second post (which can be a headache) out in two weeks, you're out. Simple as that.

Not scared off yet? Good! You shouldn't be! If you're ready to apply, click below and comment with the following:

Journal Name:
Real Name:
AIM Screen Name:

Someone will get back to you within a week of your comment. Until then, hold tight. We all do have lives outside of this bizarre little world, but we won't leave you hanging for too long!

Happy writing!

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